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design for living,
design for you

Hemma shapes spaces you want to live in. And better yet, we do it through a hassle and stress-free process. We take on the staggering decisions and overwhelming details so the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy your new beautiful space.

free consultation

Have a project in mind but not sure where to start? We are happy to answer any questions you have, walk you through what the process will look like and explain how our cost structure works. Reach out to get started.

material supply interior finishes

We work directly with a short list of suppliers that have earned our trust, have proven quality, and proudly serve northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If you have a layout and would like pricing, contact us. Our materials work within an array of budgets.

Otherwise combine this offering with a service listed below.

space planning

Efficient and purposeful workflow design for your space. Planning incorporating code / clearance requirements, storage solutions, and thoughtful details tailored to you. Layout and elevations included.

material specification

In this world of endless & intimidating options, “limit yourself to be free.”

Hemma sets you free by taking the staggering selections and paring down options for you. You, however, still have the power to review and approve or review and revise.

Specifications are based on budget, aesthetic preference, and layout.

visualizing services

Includes perspectives, photo-like renderings, 3D space walk-through, 360° panorama experience.

We allow you to experience your future space before a spec of construction debris falls.

construction documents

Standardized and concise documents that relay the necessary plan elements. These help eliminate questions, mistakes, and surprises during your installation journey.

full service

The services above can be grouped into one package that includes close coordination with your contractor. This project management role not only reduces your middleman (or woman) tasks, it also makes things easier and more streamlined for your contractor.

a la carte

Choose a standalone or custom package of grouped services that best suit your needs.

Don’t see what you want? Ask us. We don’t just tailor spaces, we tailor services.

color + other consultations

Includes creative direction, colors, textures, fixtures, interior / exterior finishes, and more.

Consultations require a 3 hour minimum.

small stuff

We take on smaller-scale or add-on projects in addition to entire room makeovers.

Think, new countertops, backsplash, tile, flooring, shelves, hardware, fixtures, fireplaces, offices, entry or laundry spaces, etc.

freelance design

Intended for trade partners. We provide cabinet layouts, larger space planning, color blocking, renderings, construction documents, more.

Non-compete guarantee.

kitchen + bath design

The Swedish word hemma translates to home or at home.

Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, our team is the heart of this firm we call Hemma.

It follows then that while our expertise inhabits the kitchen, it naturally extends to fill the whole house.

We design for living so you experience that ‘at home’ feeling for years to come.

tell us about your
dream project

Whether it’s big or small, we can’t wait to make your vision a reality!

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